I am Katie, a 20 year old psychology student, adventurer and animal lover.

This blog is a compilation of my thoughts, passions and wishes for myself and the world around me. I’m very passionate about helping others along with being healthy and living a plant-based lifestyle.

I am the puppy-mother of a dachshund named Rupert. After getting Rupert I couldn’t bear to think of any animals suffering – so I began to eat a more plant-based diet and educated myself on the health, environmental and ethical benefits behind plant-based living. While I understand it may not be everyone’s cup of tea I wanted to use this blog to highlight small ways you can help others and possibly even change the world.

Besides being a persistent animal lover, I also adore beauty and fashion- even though I am not very good at it. As a young teenager I was constantly attempting to create my own DIY beauty products – whether that be drowning my hair in lemon juice to make it blonde (nice try –never going to happen) or covering my face with oats, avocado or baking soda. Some of these worked, some not so much.  So, I want to express all these little beauty experiments and hopefully learn something along the way.

I really want to share my thoughts and adventures with other people and to create a space that opens up a small window into my life.  

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